This is my photo diary, and you can call me DJ.

I hope you enjoy this peek into my life.

Unless otherwise stated, photography on this page is all personal and belongs to me. Feel free to reblog.
afteryourbrain asked: how did you hear about vipe? A friend sent me a mixtape that you made inspired by the orange eats creeps and I was surprised to see a band i was in on something. Thanks for putting us on there, that book is cool as. :)

Yo my buddy and I are really into PV and underground metal so he mentioned Vipe - and I got the Split with downsided. It’s a sick album. I am the metal dj for the tallahassee college station WVFS - I spin y’all all the time. Hope you keep up with it!

Style Queen
Fuck your head till you’re fucked in the head.
— crude thought
Love of my life <3fistwithakiss:

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